Footing, Foundation, Slab & Frame

Our experienced team is able to attend site at critical construction stages to ensure that what is constructed is compliant with the approved engineering drawings, safeguarding the structural integrity of your project.

Retaining Wall

Do you require certification for council submission? Our skilled team can carry out an inspection to determine if an existing retaining wall has the capability to support the proposed construction or to certify that a retaining wall has been built in a structurally sound manner.

Wall Removal

Should you desire to remove an existing wall, our experienced team can attend the site and perform a visual inspection of subject areas. We will produce a report with photographs and comments on the structural implications of the proposed wall removal and should a structural beam be required, our team can provide the design for you. Our informative reports include comments and advice on any specific structural support or connection requirements, as well as general construction advice including recommended remedial works.

Renovation Assessment

Should you require the addition of a room, floor or even a basement, our experienced team can provide practical and cost saving advice during the early stages of your proposed renovation work. We can also advise arrangement for engineering documentation to be prepared for Local Authority submission.

Demolition Projects

If you are undertaking a demolition project, choosing the right approach is paramount in ensuring the safety of your team. We can provide on-site advice and assess the situation to ensure that the works are completed in a suitable manner, we can also Project Manage across all Spectrums.