Piling Details

Piling systems provide additional support on construction sites with large concentrated loads. When these retention systems are not designed, installed or monitored correctly, a number of complications may arise such as de-stabilisation of footings, physical structural damage, safety issues and massive time delays for your project. Our experienced fieldwork team can provide a wide range of temporary and permanent earth retention piling designs and verification services.

Ground Treatment Solutions

On some sites, the soil can be loose or unable to support the existing structure or the building. Our specialised team can provide excavation and ground treatment advice, such as reinforcement piling or grout solutions, to improve the properties of the existing ground. This will prevent any shifting or sinking that may occur if prior investigation is not carried out.

Internal Thickening Inspection

Prior to concrete being poured, our team will visit your site and conduct an assessment of your raft or strip foundation excavations. This will ensure that recommendations as per footing and slab details are met.

Slab Assessments

An assessment on the concrete ground slab is important to confirm adequacy and consistency of thickness prior to continuing construction. This would prevent future structural problems that may arise with any undetected inconsistencies.